IFMR Trust Executive Group

  • Bama
    Bama is currently the Chief Financial Officer of IFMR Capital, has been a part of the IFMR Trust Executive Group since 2014, and is a director on the board of Pudhuaaru Financial Services Private Limited, IFMR Rural Channels’ w more
  • bindu1
    Bindu is the Chair of IFMR Trust and IFMR Holdings. She is a Director of all investee companies of IFMR Holdings. Prior to this, Bindu worked in ICICI Bank’s microfinance team between 2001 and 2005 and was head of the new produc more
  • DeeptiG
    Deepti is the Head of Policy at the IFMR Finance Foundation, where she focuses on aspects of financial system design, financial services delivery and consumer protection. Having been at the Foundation for 4 years, her work entails more
  • KapilGupta
    Kapil is the Chief Executive Officer of IFMR Rural Finance. Kapil has over 25 years’ experience in the IT and banking industries. Prior to joining IFMR he served as Executive Director of I-Exceed Technology Solutions. Prior to h more
  • Kshama
    Kshama is currently the CEO of IFMR Capital, a Trustee at IFMR Trust, and has been a part of the IFMR Trust Executive Group since 2013. Kshama has extensive experience across financial advisory, consulting, and academia. She was p more