Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Is IFMR Trust a not-for-profit organisation? Is it a public charitable trust?

IFMR Trust is a private trust; it is not a public charitable trust. However, unlike a privately-owned or shareholder-owned company, the Trust’s net profits will not go to any owner-individual(s) or body corporate. All profits will be reinvested in Trust activities and companies.

How is IFMR Trust related to IFMR, the Chennai-based management institute?

IFMR, the Chennai-based management institute, is an affiliate of IFMR Trust. Action-research conducted at the various centres of IFMR informs the strategies of IFMR Trust. The brand is co-owned with the management institute.

Who governs IFMR Trust?

IFMR Trust is governed by IFMR Trusteeship Services Pvt. Ltd. represented by its Chairperson Ms. Bindu Ananth & its Directors Mr. Dave Wallack, Ms. Kshama Fernandes, Mr. Puneet Gupta, and Ms. Sucharita Mukerjee. The executive of the Trust is headed by Ms. Bindu Ananth, President of the Trust.

Who are the investors in IFMR Trust?

As a private trust, IFMR Trust does not have investors. Initial resources for the Trust were provided by ICICI Bank via long-term borrowings.