• Viral Acharya, Abhilasha Rajanb, Antoinette Schoar
What determines entrepreneurial success?

Empirical literature analyses the characteristics of entrepreneurs, which found direct= relationships between the need for achievement, locus of control and risk taking propensity with success in most cases. Again, the entrepreneurial characteristics required to launch a business successfully are often not those required for its growth and even more frequently not those required to manage it once it grows to considerable size. In other words, the role of the entrepreneur needs to change with the business cycle as it develops and grows. Keeping in mind these constraints, the objective of this paper is to identify and, eventually, provide a model for selection of rural entrepreneurs for the different rural entrepreneurship based businesses. In particular, the existing rural entrepreneurs of Dirshtee have been analysed for their psychometric characteristics, thus laying the foundation to building a model for their selection strategy.

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