Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles unconditionally influence every activity that is undertaken to achieve our goal of financial inclusion.


    Be Legal – We take the time to understand the laws that are relevant to the work that we do. We follow the law and we seek advice and counsel when we are unclear about the law. We follow laws in both letter and spirit.

    Be Ethical – We do what we know in our hearts to be right even when the law does not require it of us.

    Be Honest – We represent ourselves to our colleagues and to people outside and other organisations in a manner that is truthful. We understand that the difference between a person with integrity and a person without integrity is just one lie.

    Maintain Transparency – We make it easy for others to see how we are making decisions. When we are engaged in a transaction we take time to understand that the other party understands the transaction clearly. When we make mistakes, we are forthright about them and we bring in others to help rectify the situation. We all make mistakes. The quality of our character is in how we acknowledge and learn from them.


    Be Appropriate – Most communication is non-verbal. When representing IFMR Trust we manage both our verbal and non-verbal communication. Our dress, appearance and manners are aligned with the objectives of the business.

    Be Clear – We depend on each other’s clear judgement. Alcohol and drugs impair that judgement. They should not be consumed at work or consumed in a manner that compromises the ability to think clearly at work. In addition, we have been allocated leave to ensure we do not burn out from stress. We use that leave in a manner that keeps our minds clear. If there is a situation in our lives that keeps our minds from being clear, then we have the right to ask for support.

    Avoid Conflict – We understand that financial, familial and intimate relationships can compromise our ability to make good decisions. When such a conflict arises in our lives we either resolve it conclusively ourselves or we make it known to those with the ability to remove the conflict.


    Be Meticulous – We ensure that all business documents, records, databases etc, are maintained in an accurate and complete manner. We are able to pass records to another person in such a state that the person can easily understand the records.

    Protect Information – We are good caretakers of the intellectual property of IFMR Trust. When we are entrusted with intellectual property we act with discretion. People trust us and confide in us and we do all we can to live up to that trust. We keep sensitive information about each other and our clients to ourselves.

    Preserve Property – We treat the property of IFMR Trust and our colleagues as if it were our own.

    Create Safety – Each of our colleagues has the right to a safe workplace where they are judged solely on their contribution and their potential. It is each of our responsibility to ensure that harassment, discrimination or favouritism based on race, caste, gender, religion or any other factor aside from contribution or potential is addressed. We each are responsible to ensure that a safe workplace is maintained.


    Give Feedback – We give feedback to our colleagues in a private and respectful manner. We give feedback on a piece of work created by a person or on specific behaviours that a person has exhibited – not on the person’s character. We take at least as much time to appreciate our colleagues’ contributions as we spend critiquing them. We give each other the gift of being honest inside the organisation so that this honesty doesn’t eventually come from outsiders.

    Speak Up – We have the responsibility to contribute our perspective. If we are thinking something that nobody else is saying, then it may be on the minds of many others or it may be a unique contribution that only we can make. As much as it is the responsibility of others to listen, we also see it as our responsibility to speak up.

    Appreciate – We take the time to appreciate everything that is going well at IFMR Trust, in our colleagues work, in our managers and in our subordinates. We acknowledge that it is our choice to focus on the positive or the negative and we choose to focus on the positive.

    Be Open – The strength of IFMR Trust is that we are constantly learning and evolving. We may have today’s answer, but we are wise enough to know that tomorrow’s answer may be very different. We keep our minds open to new ideas and new approaches so that we are prepared for the future.

    Share – We are generous in sharing with each other. We share credit when it is due, we share praise when it is appropriate, we share criticism even when it is hard, we share blame instead of letting in fall on a scapegoat.


    Be Human – Our colleagues are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters too. We disagree with people’s ideas while maintaining respect for each other. We are proactive in looking out for each of our colleagues’ physical and emotional well-being. We take the time to care.

    Listen – We take the time to understand our colleagues’ points of view. We know that the best decisions come through an understanding of conflicting viewpoints. While we may argue and debate, we do so in a manner that demonstrates an underlying respect for each other and a gratefulness to work with other exceptional people. We make sure that others in the room are constantly invited to contribute so that a few viewpoints never dominate.

    Understand – We meet our customers, partners and each other where they are and without judgement. We have no pre-conceived notions about people. Our evaluation of people is based on the evidence that they provide us with.


    Step Up – We are constantly seeking a way to make a greater contribution towards upholding the values for IFMR Trust and towards achievement of the mission. We see our job descriptions as the beginning of our responsibility.

    Think Ahead – We have the responsibility to enter every situation prepared to add value. We use preparation for meetings as a way to communicate that we care.

    Demand More – We demand excellence of ourselves and from each other. When one individual’s behaviour or attitude is compromising the larger effort, then we give that person feedback to help them find a way back to excellence. All that we have is the level of quality that we demand.

    Act Now – We act in a decisive manner to achieve our mission. When we do not act with a sense of urgency, then we delay the fulfilment of our mission. We understand the value of time and the importance of our need to respond to our colleagues’ queries within the shortest possible time.

    Learn from Mistakes – We take the time to learn from our mistakes and to adapt our approach. We are wise enough to extract the benefit from each step of our journey whether at the moment it appears to be a success or a failure.